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ISCT CSO Global Showcase on COVID-19, Part II "A New Hope"

This second COVID-19 session will focus on novel cell-based and immunologic-based therapeutics. With the ongoing threat of emerging infectious disease, what role can cell therapies play therapeutically and how should studies be conducted and interpreted? Through translational and clinical...


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Imaging Cellular Therapeutics

Speakers will present their experience with imaging cellular therapeutics to bring awareness to how noninvasive in-vivo cell tracking technologies and methods can provide unique opportunities to optimize efficacy of cell-based therapies and aid in the assessment and management of eventual...


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Characterization of Active Substance and Comparability

Making changes to the manufacturing process/product is an inevitable part of process development with the goal of making a better product. There is a risk if manufacturing changes are made late in the clinical trials that they could potentially change the product’s critical characteristics...


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Clinical Experience in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, the next wave of advanced therapies

Chair: Julie Allickson (US) Speakers: Julie Allickson (US) – Clinical Translation of Tissue Engineering in an Academic Facility Petter Björquist (SE) – Personalized Tissue-Engineered Organs that Will Revolutionize Future Medicine Laura Niklason (US) – Will Engineered Tissues Transform...


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Can we industrialize CAR T therapies? The Practice Challenges in achieving wide-spread patient access

Today the first two autologous CAR-T therapies are commercialized in multiple developed countries, through dozens of health care facilities, and many hundreds of patients are benefiting from treatment! Now “industrializing” CAR-T therapy to gain world-wide, broad patient access to this new...


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State of the Art: Success and Failure of Cell Therapy Clinical Trials for Acute and Chronic Lung Diseases

Mesenchymal stem/stromal cell (MSC) therapy holds promise for the treatment of acute and chronic lung diseases. The benefits of MSC-based therapies appeared to be induced by complex, well-orchestrated signaling pathways rather than by any one (or few) mechanisms. Safety results from phase I and...


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Cord Blood Workshop

ISCT and the Cord Blood Association (CBA) in partnership with WMDA and ASTCT are pleased to host the ISCT 2020 Cord Blood Workshop. Join the world’s leading cord blood experts to learn about the latest cord blood and cord-tissue derived cell sources and their recent clinical uses in...


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Gene Therapies for Globin Disorders

Gene therapy of globin disorders is one of next big things to hit the field, due to the size of the candidate populations, the unmet demand that it represents, rapid technological evolutions, and the foreseeable enormous challenges in terms of market access and financial sustainability. This...


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Emerging Issues in the Use of Unproven Cell-based Therapies

The provision of unproven cell interventions sold directly to consumers remains a global challenge, posing risks to patients and complicated the development of safe and effective proven cell therapies. Indeed, despite, or perhaps because of, increased scrutiny from regulatory bodies, the...


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Regenerative Medicine in Digestive Diseases: State of the art, open needs and next steps

The GI Hot Topic session features three presentations to introduce the cutting-edge research in regenerative medicine for digestive diseases by the forerunners of the field. These include tissue engineering and cell therapy for gastrointestinal motility, cell therapies for liver diseases and...