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ISCT-ARM-ARMF Webinar: Potential COVID-19 Treatments Using Cell Therapies

Potential COVID-19 Treatments Using Cell Therapies Moderated by ISCT Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Dan Weiss Hosted by: Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, ARM Foundation for Cell & Gene Medicine, and International Society for Cell & Gene...

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ISCT CSO Global Showcase on COVID-19, Part II "A New Hope"

This second COVID-19 session will focus on novel cell-based and immunologic-based therapeutics. With the ongoing threat of emerging infectious disease, what role can cell therapies play therapeutically and how should studies be conducted and interpreted? Through translational and clinical...


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ISCT GRP Workshop

ISCT Global Regulatory Perspectives Co-Chairs: Karen Nichols (US) and Dominic Wall (AU) Key Topics in Combination Products Interviewers: Karen Nichols (US) David DiGiusto (US) Panelists: Melanie Eacho (US) Colin White (US) Patrick Bedford (CA) Sterility Controls, Past...


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Imaging Cellular Therapeutics

Speakers will present their experience with imaging cellular therapeutics to bring awareness to how noninvasive in-vivo cell tracking technologies and methods can provide unique opportunities to optimize efficacy of cell-based therapies and aid in the assessment and management of eventual...


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Safety Matters, Long-Term Follow-Up, Accreditation and Clinical Registries for Regenerative medicine Product

The field of regenerative medicine has shown tremendous growth in just a few short years, with advancements at all stages of translation for cell-based therapeutics. This session will highlight important considerations and recent steps taken to improve the safety and efficacy of regenerative...


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Characterization of Active Substance and Comparability

Making changes to the manufacturing process/product is an inevitable part of process development with the goal of making a better product. There is a risk if manufacturing changes are made late in the clinical trials that they could potentially change the product’s critical characteristics...


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Qualification, Regulation of Gene Editing Tools in Cell & Gene Therapy

Recent advances in genome editing technologies have substantially improved our ability to make changes in the genomes of eukaryotic cells. Viral vectors and programmable nucleases are already revolutionizing our ability to interrogate the function of the genome. This session provides an overview...


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Manufacturing Profess Validation - Consideration for Validation of Autologous Products

Process Validation – it has to happen! Join us to hear regulatory perspectives and real-world examples of considerations specific to autologous products, including both cells and tissues. Are normal donor cells ok to use? What risks are associated with validating your process using cells or...


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Innovating process development for sustainable manufacturing

Optimizing a product through process development is a natural step in translating the therapeutic to the clinic. While this is a critical milestone, many of the processes have not been optimized for larger-scale industrialization. This session will evaluate how industry innovators are...


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Clinical Experience in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, the next wave of advanced therapies

Chair: Julie Allickson (US) Speakers: Julie Allickson (US) – Clinical Translation of Tissue Engineering in an Academic Facility Petter Björquist (SE) – Personalized Tissue-Engineered Organs that Will Revolutionize Future Medicine Laura Niklason (US) – Will Engineered Tissues Transform...