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Announcing the Formation of the ISCT South & Central America Regulatory Committee


NEW - ISCT South & Central America (SCA) Legal & Regulatory Affairs (LRA) Comittee

The South & Central America Regional Executive Committee are pleased to announce the launch of the ISCT South & Central America Legal & Regulatory Affairs (SCA LRA) Committee. The SCA LRA will address challenges in the development and harmonization of the regulatory framework in South and Central America for the clinical translation of cellular and gene therapy (CGT).

We are pleased to announce SCA LRA Committee Chair Prof. Regina Goldenberg, PhD, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Instituto de Biofisica Carlos Chagas Filho, Brazil and Co-Chair Prof. Fernando Figueroa Elizalde, MD, FACP, Universidad de los Andes, Chile.

The development of such a committee is critical to support the growth of safe and effective cell and gene therapies throughout the South & Central American countries. As a starting point the committee will aim to identify the cell and gene therapy regulations and regulatory authorities in each country of the region (current regulations) and engage in dialogue with authorities on the urgent need for CGT regulatory framework.

Stay tuned for upcoming ISCT SCA LRA Watchdog Reports, educational webinars, and more.