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The ISCT ANZ recently concluded in August 2023 an extremely successful annual regional meeting in Perth, Western Australia attended by more than 205 delegates from more than 10 countries, 18 industry and governmental sponsors and a wildly successful ESP event attended by more than 50.  Zlatibor Velickovic (ANZ regional VP) and Emily Blyth (ANZ regional VP-elect) and their crack team of regional volunteers made it all happen smoothly. Read More

I’ve been dreaming a lot lately about a fictional world where the academic biomedical center and the biotechnology-pharmaceutical complex are one and the same. In this world, there are no more tenured professors or grant applications or surrendering your principles to predatory publishers. Instead, there are just clinicians and immunologists and cell biologists and biomedical engineers and data scientists ---  all working together to develop new drugs and treatments. Read More


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