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Hello and farewell from Philadelphia’s Cellicon Valley. As I’ve gathered my thoughts for these Telegraft columns, I’ve felt like I’ve been chasing lightning bugs.  I’ve captured a number of them, but some have gotten away.  If you will allow me to share a few thoughts in my final Telegraft column, it has been my honor and distinct privilege to serve as your ISCT President. I end my term as I began, with a greeting that is at the heart of the culture of ISCT- that our colleagues and fellow members are our friends. We can depend on one another, educate one another, and collaborate with one another with our shared goals to drive the development, translation, and adoption of novel cellular therapies for the benefit of patients worldwide. Read More

There is much to celebrate about the upcoming face-to-face 2022 ISCT meeting in San Francisco this May For many, there is something comforting about a triumphant return to in-person events – a sense of getting back to familiar things, a longing for escape from a stressful two years, an excitement borne out of witnessing science develop therapies in record time. A sense of coming home.   Read More


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