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You know cell & gene therapy (CGT) is in the ascendency when an Oscar-winning director releases a movie at the 2022 Tribeca film festival documenting the development of CAR-T cell therapy that stars amongst other luminaries, the immediate past president of ISCT – our own Bruce Levine! Other telltale signs of vigor to our cherished field of CGT is the manifest appetite of private venture capital for this technology class including recent investments north of $625 million sponsored by Fortune 500 entrepreneurs that complement the massive investments worldwide.  Money follows opportunity and this is mirrored by the explosive year-over-year growth of ISCT membership – now topping more than 2500 members from 60 countries.  Read More


The World Health Organization estimates that mental health disorders like depression and anxiety cost $1 trillion globally from lost productivity. Some argue that the loss of a big part of the workforce, the oft-repeated “great resignation,” is a consequence of this mental health crisis. Telegraft Senior Editor, Dr. Russell Cruz draws insight into ways we - as mentors, as peers, as members of the scientific community can do our part in addressing the mental health crisis in Academia.    Read More


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