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Interview with Sven Kili, ISCT 2022 Co-Chair: Master Class in CGT Teamwork


Dr. Ashley Krull, of the Telegraft Hub Editorial Board sits down with Sven Kili, Co-chair of ISCT 2022.

Dr. Sven Kili is the CEO of the Swiss-based biotechnology company Antion Biosciences. In addition to his background in surgery and biotherapeutics, Dr. Kili serves on numerous boards and advisory committees for prominent academic institutions and cell therapy non-profit organizations. Currently, Dr. Kili also serves as a co-chair for the 2022 ISCT Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Dr. Kili took time out of his busy pre-conference schedule to chat virtually with Telegraft Editorial Board member, Ashley Krull, and impart wisdom around teambuilding, servant leadership, and applying skills from the world of elite athletics. This is an interview to listen to with a notebook in hand!

Featuring Sven Kili, MBChB, MRCS
Antion Biosciences
Geneva, Switzerland