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2022 Year in Review - ISCT Committee Publications


2022 Year in Review - ISCT Committee Publications


Rachel Burga, PhD
Assistant Editor, Cytotherapy

As the official translation journal of ISCT, Cytotherapy’s vision is to publish novel and innovative results from high quality scientific and clinical studies in the fields of cell and gene therapy. With our new 2021 Impact Factor of 6.196, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, the ISCT community, for your exceptional support of the journal and for your scientific contributions. Did you know that the journal also collaborates to publish works generated by ISCT Scientific, Regulatory, Industry, Ethics, and other Stakeholder Committees? ISCT Committee publications in Cytotherapy consistently top the charts in their numbers of citations as well as downloads, and their content reflects the wide ranging areas of expertise across CGT translation encapsulated by ISCT members. In the 2021-2022 period alone, there have been 15 Committee Publications in the journal, as indexed below for reference:

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