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Alejandro Barquero - Past Awardee of the inaugural ISCT Europe Master Program 2020/2021


Past Awardee of the inaugural ISCT Europe Master Program 2020/2021

Alejandro Barquero, MPharm, MSc

CMC Manager, Corrgene

In 2020, I joined the ISCT community in line with my increasing commitment to the cell & gene therapies field. I felt it was the right time to engage with an international professional community in the area I loved to help me advance my career. Thanks to being part of the ISCT community I received an e-mail inviting me to apply for the full tuition ISCT-EU Miltenyi Biotec grant. I thought, what if I get the chance to gain further qualifications with a Master's degree online? Thankfully, I was lucky enough to become one of the grantees for 2021-2022.


The online program's flexibility allowed me to complete my Master's studies while working. From my own experience, the online program addresses professionals who want to get a structured knowledge of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs).


I was surrounded by a friendly and supportive team of professionals and the knowledgeable teachers were always up to help. The QP program, also included a 3-week intensive on-site training in the wonderful city of Granada in Spain. This allowed me to get practical training inside a clean room and classes full of practical and helpful group exercises to cover all aspects of the setting up of a manufacturing place and the responsibilities associated with becoming an ATMP Qualified Person in the EU.


If you believe in continuous professional qualification, want to deepen your understanding of all the manufacturing aspects of cell & gene therapies in translational environments, and get a better insight into the regulatory field of ATMPs, I highly recommend this program. Also, if you want to broaden your network and have fruitful exchanges with other field professionals from different ATMP backgrounds and countries, this is definitely for you.


As a final note, I wish all my classmates the best in their future careers and I hope the people responsible for funding the Master's will continue supporting the development of the program as this field continues to progress.


Alejandro Barquero, MPharm, MSc- Master in Manufacturing of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, specialization as Qualified Person


Awardee of the inaugural ISCT Europe Master Programme Scholarship 2021/2022

CMC Manager, Corrgene