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Member Spotlight: Dr. Maria Fernandez-Garcia, Ph.D.


Successfully Translating Science into New Ventures

Interviewed by:
Ashley Krull, PhD
Telegraft Contributing Editor
Mayo Clinic Rochester
United States

Dr. Maria Fernandez-Garcia, Ph.D.
Product Manager
Kiji Therapeutics

Madrid, Spain

Dr. Maria Fernandez Garcia, Ph.D., is the lead Product Manager at Kiji Therapeutics in Madrid, Spain. Dr. Fernandez Garcia has a long history in cell therapy research, including using mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) to improve hematopoietic cell grafts. She then led the development of a MSC-based treatment for autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. This technology became the flagship product of a new biopharmaceutical company, Kiji Therapeutics, launched in early 2023. Dr. Fernandez Garcia spoke with the Telegraft’s Ashley Krull and shared more details about her training and the work behind Kiji Therapeutics. Enjoy this conversation with a pioneering young investigator and advocate for MSC-based therapies.