Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, Chaired by the ISCT President is the main administrative body which manages the governance and strategic oversight of the Society.

Board of Directors Roster

Executive Management Committee

The Executive Management Committee, chaired by the ISCT Chief Executive Officer oversees the operational and management aspects of the Society.

Executive Management Committee Roster

Strategic Advisory Council

The Strategic Advisory Council, chaired by the Immediate Past President, reports to the Board of Directors and deliberates and recommends long-term strategy, resource allocation, scientific and technical areas of focus, and other actions and activities based on direction from the Board of Directors for the Society. 

Strategic Advisory Council Roster

Regional Executive Committees

ISCT is divided into 5 geographic regions to better support the needs of the global membership. Each of these regions is supported by a Regional Executive Committee, with the Vice-President serving as the regional voice on the Board of Directors. 

Regional Executive Committee Rosters

ISCT Head Office

ISCT is supported by a dedicated Head Office team located in Vancouver, B.C.

Head Office Staff