ESP Ambassadors

Meet the ESP Ambassadors!

We’re excited to introduce you to our Early Stage Professional Ambassadors for ISCT 2023 Annual Meeting in Paris.

The ambassadors will provide an insider eye on the ISCT 2023 Annual Meeting, through interviews and content spotlights developed leading up to, and during the Annual Meeting. Keep an eye out and connect with them at #ISCT2023 on Twitter

Ted Kieffer, MD
US Area Medical Director
United States

Twitter Handle: @Dr_ConneCTed
LinkedIn: ted-kieffer-8b0092143

Ted Kieffer, MD, MS is a board-certified clinical pathologist and blood banker/transfusion medicine specialist with subspecialized training in clinical microbiology. He received his Master’s from Purdue University and Medical Degree from Indiana University School of Medicine with residency and fellowship training at IU Medical Center.


Dr. Kieffer has experience in apheresis collections, clinical research and assay development, medical reimbursement, medical affairs, and academic medicine. Currently, he is the US area Medical Affairs director in North Chicago area.

Alicia Didsbury, PhD
Research Fellow at The University of Auckland, New Zealand 

Twitter Handle: @AliciaD_nz
LinkedIn: Alicia-Didsbury-50a050196/

Alicia Didsbury, PhD, is a Lotteries Health Research Fellow at The University of Auckland. She leads the Cell Therapy program out of the Dunbar Lab Group at the School of Biological Sciences, and her research focuses on developing T-cell Therapy for women with ovarian cancer.

Dr. Didsbury serves as a committee member for the ANZ and Global ESP committees and as well as the ISCT mentoring work group. Alongside this, Alicia is also a member of the ANZGOG ovarian cancer tumour work group and a trustee for Cure Our Ovarian Cancer.

Ricardo Martins-Santos, BEng
PhD Student, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Twitter Handle: @0ricardomartins
LinkedIn: 1ricardomartins

Ricardo Martins-Santos, BEng is currently MD-PhD student at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Ricardo earned his first Bachelor of Engineering at the São Paulo State University in 2015 and is working with Professor Regina Goldenberg on his PhD focused on iPSC, Organoids and Tissue Bioengineering with emphasis on bioartificial liver generation.