Advanced Hands-On Training Course

Workforce Development in Biomanufacturing -Advanced Hands-On 
Training Course

ISCT Institute of Training and Development - The Global Leader in CGT Workforce Development

Developed by
Subject Matter Experts at CMaT, Georgia Institute of Technology for graduates of the Workforce Development in Biomanufacturing - The Fundamentals Virtual Course

Learn from experts about critical laboratory safety and gain the practical skills necessary to work competently in GLP and GMP-like laboratories*. This five-day, hands-on training teaches you the techniques central to cell and gene therapy manufacturing, including aseptic cell culture techniques, large-scale cell manufacturing, analytical techniques and product characterization, cell banking and documentation using GLP/GMP-like best practices.

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*It is not meant to replace company-specific training.

  • Recognize key components of the updated Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) under the Globally Harmonized System (GHS). 
  • Best practices for small- and large-scale cell manufacturing.
  • Fundamentals of working in GLP/GMP-like labs.
  • Setting up cell manufacturing bioreactors.
  • Analytical techniques, product evaluation and characterization.
  • GLP/GMP documentations. 

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  • Distinguish hazards among the new standardized pictograms and gain knowledge on hazardous chemicals on the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). 
  • Apply aseptic techniques and good laboratory practices to work in cell culture and GLP/GMP-like labs. 

  • Develop an understanding of the conditions to culture and maintain high-quality therapeutic cells. 

  • Perform key steps to initiate, maintain, and expand cells in culture. 

  • Understand key steps in the downstream processing of human cells, including harvesting and cryopreservation. 

  • Evaluate the quality and sterility of cell products. 

  • Apply GLP/GMP-like guidelines to document cell products. 

Price (USD)

Academia $5,500
Industry $6,500

  • Summer: August 7 - 11, 2023
designed for
  • Graduates of the Workforce Development in Biomanufacturing - The Fundamentals Virtual Course

  • Those seeking hands-on training experience working in GLP/GMP-like laboratory

  • Small class size (10 people)
  • In-person at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • 5 day intensive course

Eligibility Requirements
  • Must be an ISCT or CMaT Member
  • Must have completed the Workforce Development in Biomanufacturing - The Fundamentals Virtual Course

Upon completion, you will receive
  • A copy of the course materials.
  • Certificates of course completion from ISCT-CMaT and CMLE.
    **ISCT is an ASCP Continuing Medical Laboratory Education (CMLE)-approved provider. This course consists of 30 CMLE credits.


“A well-trained, readily available, diverse workforce is crucial to the success of the emerging cell and gene therapy industry, especially given its highly specialized skill sets, GMP and regulatory requirements, and complex manufacturing and supply chain infrastructure.

Our partnership with ISCT brings the largest cell manufacturing research and education consortium together with the largest global cell & gene therapy society to deliver critically needed workforce training for CGT. Together, we hope to develop a robust, on-demand, client-centric training platform for industry and clinical manufacturers.”
-Krishnendu Roy, Robert A. Milton Chair, CMaT

“ISCT has long identified and taken measures to alleviate the skills shortages across the cell and gene therapy sector. ISCT has run a range of courses across the CGT sector, including forming our ISCT Early-Stage Professionals (ESP) Committee, responsible for our extensive Mentoring Program. Despite these efforts, growth in the CGT sector continues to outpace the professionals entering. This is a major issue for the sector that could become critical in the near future."
-Bruce Levine, Immediate-Past President, ISCT