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Best high-end cooler to buy

Engel 65

This best ice cooler review will focus on a single product: the Engel 65, which is consistently one of the Best cooler to hold ice on the market. The reasons for the good reviews for this product are its good performance and moderate price tag.

You will be impressed by the great design by Engel, such as the provision of an airtight gasket that completely seals the cool air inside the cooler.

The Engel is not one of the most high-performance coolers on sale now. However, if you are considering both budget and quality, this product will stand out.

We will break down the advantages of this product to give you a better idea about this good cooler.

About the Insulation

The first thing to address is that it is a rotomolded cooler and has been shown to be amazing in terms of construction. Despite the lack of an airtight rubber gasket, this product can still maintain a temperature of below 40º for 5.6 days. Meanwhile, other above-average coolers stayed cold for only 4.5 days. Top-performing models were just around one day better. The Engel is designed with two inches of insulation and an interlocking hinge, which help to increase the durability of the product and result in excellent insulation.

This product is ideal for a long weekend of camping, as you will not have to worry about the maintenance of your food and drink. Even a five- to six-day trip is no trouble for the Engel. However, the cooler doesn’t meet the manufacturer’s advertised retention of 10 days.


The durability of the Engel has been acknowledged by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. The silicone gasket is very impressive, as it won’t leak no matter how hard you flip it. Again, the interlocking hinge plays an important role.

On the other hand, there are a few weaknesses that you should be aware of. Customers have complained that the rubber latches stretch out after a while. Moreover, the lid can move noticeably if the cooler is bounced around.

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In general, the composition of the Engel is almost identical to that of some of its competitors. However, the rubberized T-grip is missing in this model.

The manufacturer claims that the capacity of this model is 58 quarts. Though the actual number from the tests is just 56 quarts, the space inside is still sufficient. Indeed, the cooler is quite light and compact and can therefore be carried by one person easily.

The Engel features a drain with two different sizes from which to choose.

Many customers have complimented the textured lids of this model, which are much better than most options on the market. With this detail, it is easy to set items on top and keep them stable while the cooler is moving.


In addition to its design, the Engel has an impressive weight of 25.5 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest rotomolded coolers on the market.

With other coolers, one person alone can’t carry them. However, the narrow size and light weight of this model enables a single person to carry it. However, you should not overstuff it if you are planning a trip by yourself, as the cooler will become more difficult to carry if its weight increases.


The Engel 65 is no doubt the Top Rated Camping Coolers, with its above-average performance and handy use. Though this product is not very different from many coolers on the market, it offers such benefits as a convenient shape and size, high durability, and textured lids.