Workforce Development in Biomanufacturing

Workforce Development in Biomanufacturing

A Global Partnership with ISCT and CMaT

Developed by field experts from academic, regulatory, clinical, and commercial domains, this training program will focus on introducing key topics in cell and gene therapy manufacturing and development. Over the coming years, ISCT and CMaT will work together to offer hands-on practical training with specific focus on manufacturing, business development, licensing, and regulatory pathways. 

ISCT is proud to welcome the first cohort of trainees in April 2022

The program aims to address key topics in CGT manufacturing and development and will include asynchronous lectures (comprised of a theory and an application component) as well as live instructor office hours/ expert panel Q&A sessions. There will be 4 modules:

  • Module 1: Stem Cell and Immune Cell Engineering and Therapies
  • Module 2: Quality Assurance & Regulatory framework & Roundtable
  • Module 3: Cell Bioprocessing and Manufacturing Roundtable
  • Module 4: Cell Product characterization and importance of standards

Registration Opens Soon

Eligibility, application information, and program details forthcoming.

“ISCT has long identified and taken measures to alleviate the skills shortages across the cell and gene therapy sector. ISCT has run a range of courses across the CGT sector, including forming our ISCT Early-Stage Professionals (ESP) Committee, responsible for our extensive Mentoring Program. Despite these efforts, growth in the CGT sector continues to outpace the professionals entering. This is a major issue for the sector that could become critical in the near future.
-Bruce Levine, President, ISCT