ESP Ambassadors

Meet the ESP Ambassadors!

We’re excited to introduce you to our Early Stage Professional Ambassadors for ISCT 2022 Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

The ambassadors will provide an insider eye on the ISCT 2022 Annual Meeting, through interviews and content spotlights developed leading up to, and during the Annual Meeting. Keep an eye out and connect with them at #ISCT2022 on Twitter

Tiffany Hood, BSc
PhD Student, University College London, United Kingdom

Twitter Handle: @TiffanyHoodCGT
LinkedIn: tiffany-hood-45473094

Tiffany Hood is currently in the final year of her PhD in Qasim Rafiq’s Cell and Gene Therapy Bioprocessing research group at University College London (UCL). Her research is focused on how to develop a more automated and reproducible manufacturing process for CAR-T therapies. Prior to UCL, Tiffany was a R&D engineer in the Cell Therapy Bioprocessing group at MilliporeSigma. During this time, she was involved in bioreactor process development, customer collaboration projects, and product development for cell therapy bioprocessing. Tiffany earned her undergraduate degree in Biological Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Ted Kieffer, MD
Medical Director, Blood Assurance, United States

Twitter Handle: @Dr_ConneCTed
LinkedIn: ted-kieffer-8b0092143

Ted Kieffer, MD, MS is a board certified clinical pathologist and blood banker/transfusion medicine specialist with subspecialized training in clinical microbiology. He received his Master’s from Purdue University and Medical Degree from Indiana University School of Medicine with residency and fellowship training at IU Medical Center. Professionally Dr. Kieffer has experience in clinical research and assay development, medical reimbursement, and academic medicine. Currently the Regional Medical Director of Blood Services and Medical Director of Cellular Therapy in Nashville TN focused on collections and clinical trial program development and support. 

Kathryn Strange, MSci
PhD Student, Anthony Nolan Research Institute, University College London, United Kingdom

Twitter Handle: @_strangescience
LinkedIn: kathryn-strange-205398b1

Kathryn Strange is a PhD student at the Anthony Nolan Research Institute and University College London, little under a year away from becoming Dr Strange! Her project is on the use of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (MSC) for the treatment of Graft versus Host Disease (GvHD), focusing on how MSCs can be genetically enhanced to increase their immunosuppressive potency. She can’t wait to meet and network with you as one of your ISCT ESP Ambassadors.